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We can meet your custom column design in terms of shape and height, no matter is the complexity of your design we can match it with our specialized team of engineers.  


The main functionality of our formwork is to provide a mold system that will suit all kinds of columns, i.e Rectangle, L-Shape, Decorative, and Round. Our design team can make customize columns as per the customer requirements.

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Regardless of the size of the Core Wall and whether it is required for a large building or small villa, our formwork panels can be used to meet the customer's requirements.

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Single Cast Walls & Slab

Instead of using precast and for rapid deployment for the villa community, this solution will ensure that both the slabs and the walls are cast at the same time.

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Our Panels have been used in several projects that consist of Single Sided or Double-Sided Returning walls, however, the Single-Sided Returning Wall will require additional support to maintain alignment and prevent panel lifting.

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