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We can match your project timeline without the need for backorders.

Our production facility can produce more than 200 square meters per day.



On Early 2010, with dedicated management team of specialist designers, engineers, project managers and production experts. ECO Formwork system is a fast track, cost effective, formwork building system that has been widely used in construction industry. It has successfully completed thousands of projects all over the UAE. ECO Formwork Technology is a revolutionary steel formwork construction system, for forming cast in place reinforced concrete building structures. Using this unique system, all walls, columns, beams, together are cast in place in a single site-based operation.

Our Formwork product will reduce the time required to assemble the shutters to 50%, and hence, it will dramatically reduce the cost linked to project implementation.

Our products are considered Environment-Friendly, as it preserves the massive use of wood in construction and other industries. Moreover, it doesn’t require special skills to assemble the shutters only few basic understandings to the concept. Using the Pin-Wedge will make simpler to attach one panel to the other without the need to nail and hammer in legacy plywood installation.


We provide our customer with product that can last for multiple project. Our priority is not profit gain, but instead we are dedicated to servicing the best interest of our client and their project. Our corporate culture extends itself to our approach to each project, as a constructive and cooperative member of a larger group of stakeholders working together towards common goal for the success of a project.



To be a recognized and respected provider of professional consulting services operating on parity with top international consultants, to expand our operations while maintaining the distinguished caliber of professionalism, and commitment to our core value of excellence, in addition to fulfilling the clients’ requirements and exceeding their expectations.

  • Strive for continual improvement with an emphasis on client satisfaction.

  • Deliver quality assured design and services to our client and thereby achieve business excellence.

  • Deliver prompt, accurate and cost-effective responses to all client requirements.

  • Lead our employees to work as a team to develop good working environment and business practices.

eco slide background.jpg

ECO is comprised of magnificent professional staff specialized in various disciplines of engineering, who have gained a place in ECO because of their talents, unique expertise, and proven experience in their respected fields.

Furthermore, a pool of Customer Services, draftsmen, computer experts, publication and printing technicians extends the support. ECO also maintains close ties with a wide number of specialists to be called upon as the need arises.

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ECO enhanced by well experienced team of professionals managed to offer a variety of clients some comprehensive, quality work, guaranteed by a professional attitude within acceptable cost margins.


We deliver a multi‐disciplinary services package in the fields of planning, designing, engineering and construction management and supervision.

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